Wednesday, July 30, 2014


6 Tips for Improved Fuel Economy

Still letting high gas prices keep you from taking a road trip to your favorite destination? Why? Just following a few simple and inexpensive vehicle maintenance steps can stretch your dollar and give you more power at the pump

Fuel consumption is directly related to auto care and has a significant impact on how much gas you use.  Gas prices may rise quickly, but you no longer have to be a victim and just take it. Properly maintaining your vehicle can improve fuel economy as well as save you money.

Performing these simple maintenance tips, will improve fuel economy allowing you to spend more time on the road and less at the pump.

       Tune-Up: Keep your car properly tuned to improve gas mileage by an average of 4 percent.
       Tire Pressure: Keep tires properly inflated and improve gas mileage by up to 3.3 percent.
       Motor Oil: Improve gas mileage by 1 to 2 percent by using the grade of motor oil recommended by the manufacturer.
       Air Filters: Replacing clogged air filters on older vehicles can improve fuel economy and will improve performance and acceleration on all vehicles.
       Gas Cap: Damaged, loose or missing gas caps allow gas to vaporize into the air.
       Fix It: Addressing a serious maintenance problem, like a faulty oxygen sensor, can improve mileage by as much as 40 percent, according to

Modifying driving habits, such as driving the speed limit and avoiding quick stops and starts, can also increase fuel efficiency. Consolidating trips, avoiding excessive idling and removing unnecessary items from the trunk are also easy ways to lower fuel consumption.



Sure, many of us say that we know and understand how important it is to wash and wax our vehicles, but do we really? Do we truly understand that waxing our vehicle can not only protect the paint of the car but its resale value as well? For some reason most of us wash our vehicles, but often neglect the second step of waxing. Is it because we think it’s overly time consuming, don’t understand the value of doing so or maybe we just don’t want to. Whatever the reason, it’s time to take a look at the importance of waxing your vehicle.

Wax helps protect your car’s paint, which in turn helps protect the coating for your cars metal body. Whether it’s rain, sun, hail, or wind your car is constantly subjected to the elements. All of these elements can have damaging effects to your vehicle, which makes waxing your vehicle extremely important. It can also keep dirt from settling on your car and make it much easier.

Let’s face it. When your car looks good, you look good. Wax keeps your car looking shiny and new. With no wax on your car oxidation can occur. Oxidation is a chemical process where oxygen interacts with different elements, causing the paint on your car to become dull. No one wants his or her car to have dull, lifeless paint! A simple coat of wax can prevent this from happening because wax protects the elements on the car from reacting with oxygen.

Understanding the importance of washing and waxing your vehicle is key to keeping your car looking as good as ever. It will vastly improve the health of your vehicle over time. So go ahead. Get your vehicle washed and waxed today.

Friday, February 14, 2014

What Not To Do at a Stoplight

Remember the days when you stopped at a traffic light, not a care in the world, before we all felt the need to be doing multiple things during every moment?  These days, we’re all guilty of trying squeeze in every little thing at a stoplight. The truth is, it may not be saving us time. A lot of people are focused on anything but the road. When you become so engrossed in something else that you forget to be aware of your surroundings it can cause time loss, create traffic problems and jeopardize safety. 

Whatever is distracting you can’t be that important that you forget you’re behind the wheel. Driving is a privilege and a responsibility to yourself and to others around you.  There’s a lot of precious cargo travelling around daily.

Being alert to where you are in line and the traffic patterns is helpful. Don’t be the person everyone’s honking at because the green arrow expired while you completed that Facebook status update. So when you’re in a hurry and you’re behind “that person” and the tables are turned, remember to set an example by changing your behavior and not be mad. People are more likely to mimic what they see rather than what their told.

Some of the examples that follow are more common and familiar offenders while some are plain ridiculous. You know who you are. There are usual suspects like texting, posting, playing video games and tearing the car apart in search of something that fell between the seats. Then there are those who change clothes, get out and rifle through the trunk, put on make up, dry shave, give over zealous affection, read, watch a movie on an overhead DVD player, cut their toe nails, paint their toes or try to figure out directions. What’s the strangest thing you’ve seen?

It’s ok to do certain things at a red light so long as you’re not oblivious to everything else around you. So if you must do it, glance up and around you frequently so you’re ready when the light changes. Kind of like checking your rear view mirror when you’re driving. It will eventually become a good habit.

If something is really so important that it’s distracting you from driving, it’s probably in everyone’s best interest that you pull over and resolve the issue before continuing on. A little preparation before departing can alleviate much of the strange behavior we observe at traffic lights.

People tend to think things won’t happen to him or her.  Until it does.  That’s when the resolution is made NOT to do whatever caused a problem again. Don’t let it happen at all. Let’s all try to be more courteous and aware on the road. Together we can improve our environment and interactions while arriving safely and happily at each destination.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Rise of Electrical and Green Vehicles. What do you think?

It was prophesied by cartoons and books that in the 21 century we would now be living in a world where flying cars existed. Technology however has not caught up as quickly as believed, but significant developments have been made in the green and electrical vehicle production. The majority of the vehicles that are out on the roads are gas-powered engines. Electrical vehicles are now beginning to become more popular with many different companies. With the rise of gas prices continuously over the years the introduction of green vehicles have become more popular among consumers. The question to ask now is how successful will these electrical vehicles be in the coming years?  
From standard companies to luxury vehicles, more companies are seeing the potential and growth that can come from the development of this new market. From a business standpoint, companies are noticing the power of the green effect and how many consumers are looking for a way to cut costs in their spending. The big picture to look at is how long will it take for consumers to see the potential of these vehicles. What do you think about electrical and green vehicles and do you believe it has the potential to change the automotive industry?

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Holiday Driving Tips

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year!” Right? Right?  Um…hello?  Ok, so maybe once the gifts are wrapped, the food is prepared and Santa has left an abundance of presents and cookie crumbs, then you can take a breather and enjoy the holiday cheer.  These next couple weeks will be hectic, we know.  It’s a great time of the year, but the stress that goes into it can be overwhelming.  There’s hope, however.  In today’s blog, we’re providing some quick tips for navigating your holiday season safely. 

1.)   If you’re going on a road trip, please make sure your car is serviced properly.  Come into our dealership anytime for oil, brake fluid and tire condition checks.
2.)   SLEEP WELL.  Get a good night’s sleep before you venture into the world.
3.)   Plan your route; this will help you in the long run.  Unsafe detours can be dangerous and expensive.
4.)   Bring a paper map.  GPS is the wave of the future, but a paper map can act as backup if you’re GPS malfunctions.
5.)   Buy snacks and drinks before you leave, because stocking up at gas stations can be costly.
6.)   Tell at least 1 family member where you’re headed.  So, if something happens, you have a reliable person to get the message out.
7.)   DO NOT announce on social media that you’re leaving for vacation.  Secure your home and leave at least one light on.  This will detract burglars from your home.
8.)   Leave early.  If the common rush hour time is 9:30, leave a couple hours early to compensate for time.

Do you have any tips to add?  Feel free!  Have a safe drive and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

How Servicing Your Car Can Extend its Life (Even Further!)

As a car buyer, you’ve experienced the uneasy feeling of maintaining your vehicle.  In most recent years, advances in technology have lessened visits to the service department, but routine service should still not be missed.  Our dealership is a safe haven for your car, catering to its specific needs, like a preventative care center.  One of the main questions you ask when purchasing a new or used vehicle is: How reliable it is? In today’s blog, we provide some tips to maintaining your vehicle and how to extend the already long life of your vehicle.

1.    Read the vehicle manual and schedule maintenance appointments - Keeping up with your vehicle’s scheduled maintenance is key to avoiding costly problems to the cooling system, drivetrain, suspension etc…

2.    Call your dealership and ask questions – We’re here to help.  If you have any service questions feel free to call us with your questions. 

3.    Have your dealership check fluids – Always come in and ask us check the level of antifreeze, oil, transmission fluid, and brake fluid regularly. 

4.    Change oil regularly – By changing your oil when your dealership requests it, you can protect your engine.  Every car is different, so call us to get the exact information for your specific vehicle make and model.

5.    Request a fluid flush every two years – By flushing the power steering, brake, and cooling system fluid when it is pertinent, you can cleanse your car’s liquids in one fell swoop.  However, if you have gone more than 50k miles without a change, on many transmissions, it is not the greatest idea to do so.  It can cause breakdown varnish and other solids that have built up in the transmission over time.

6.    Have the tires rotated – Having your tires rotated at your nearest dealership should be second nature.  By doing so, you can avoid uneven wear and tear on the tread, extending the life of your tires.

These are just a few tips to help you maintain your vehicle in your daily commute, feel free to add your comments below!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A New App Compares the Cost of Driving to Flying

Our main focus is to provide a stellar vehicle at a great cost. Our goal of achieving that begins with making you feel comfortable purchasing a vehicle. This also carries into our way of life at the dealership. We enjoy saving you money and in today’s blog we’re providing some pretty cool technology that can help you save.

If you’re looking to take a trip, but you’re not sure if it would be more affordable to drive or to fly, you’re in luck!. A new iPhone app called Cost2Drive lets you estimate your driving costs based on real-time gas prices, while weighing those expenses against the price of going by plane. The airline information uses, a company that aggregates the best pricing for countless airlines.

After downloading the app for $1.99 (we usually promote free apps, but we thought this was cool!) Just tap “add a new vehicle”. After typing in your vehicle information, you’ll add in the info for the start and endpoint of your trip.

According to Edmunds: “Next, a Results screen displays the one-way driving
costs, as well as miles and time to a destination. It also shows the lowest available one-way airfare on an orange bar below. If you're driving solo and the airfare sounds like a good deal, you can tap on the orange bar to book a flight through”

However, if you’re traveling with co-workers or friends and it seems to be too much for multiple people, tapping “get trip details” directs you to the website to be on your way. On the web, you’ll see a map detailing your trip with directions via MapQuest.

This app is a great addition for the avid traveler, check it out here:

Trying to figure out if you should drive or fly for your next trip? There's an app for that! Our blog:

Today's blog discussed a new app that helps you save by choosing between driving and flying for your next trip!